Custard and his twin Roobarb didn’t have the best start in life having been dumped near Carlisle as six month old boys . They came to us and now have a HOME FOR LIFE – as all our animals do . Custard , though the bigger of the two, was always the sicklier one having runny nose ; eyes ; sores etc and was always bullied a bit till his friend Marshmallow came. Peace for a while then poor boy started with a sarcoid [ cancer ] on his sheath . This has grown at an alarming rate and was unsuitable for removal via the usual methods. We have just managed to get a place for him at the vet school to have CRYOSURGERY (FREEZING)

Liquid nitrogen gas is used in this form of surgery to achieve ultra freezing of the diseased tissue. It is VERY EXPENSIVE and we hope it will be successful allowing the wee man to enjoy a bit of time outside before the winter [ he has been kept inside with company to prevent flies eating his wound .] He goes in on Friday morning for his op . Please keep fingers crossed for him .

Donations can be made via PayPal to or here :…/glendrickroostanimalwelfarecentre every little bit will help…thank you