New Homes For Hens

1. Eight of the sixteen beautiful chucks we rescued today . These lovely girls are only 12 months old but have reached the end of their commercial viability so they are slaughtered.

2. Their floppy combs and pale colour will change as they settle into their new homes and their weak legs will strengthen as they explore their environment.

3. The feathers that have been pecked by the others will regrow now they are not cramped

4. Baldy bums will heal and the feathers will grow and in a month or so these girls will be outside enjoying life as they should.

I wish I could save them all . So many go for slaughter because they moult and stop laying temporarily or they stop laying 6 eggs a week . So sad.  Please consider saving some of these girls and have PROPER eggs of your own . No comparison between shop and proper free range lots of collection points in Scotland.