Home sweet home!

Our beautiful boy Custard is back amongst his pals after his big operation…he must have box rest for 4-6 weeks so he’s not actually amongst them but he’s home, he’s next to them, and he is doing well, so good enough for us!  The surgery was successful,  though it is not all over yet as he have to go back in a fortnight to get his stitches out and the biopsy results to see if the cancer is all gone . If not he will have to have further chemotherapy . Please keep your fingers crossed that he gets the all clear. He was well looked after at the vet school and well loved . Don’t think they get many donkeys in and he was definitely spoilt!  Got the bill too EEEEK – any help will be gratefully received!!  https://mydonate.bt.com/c…/glendrickroostanimalwelfarecentre or paypal to donate@glendrickroost.org.uk