GoFundMe appeal getting incredible response!

Some of you may already have seen our appeal on Go Fund Me to come together and buy/rent a new site for our charity and help our poor manager Mione give our critters a safe, dry home!  The response has been amazing, and in 7 days, nearly 600 people have donated almost £10,000!!!  The messages of support have been flooding in, and we are simply blown away by the lovely comments, thank you all so much!  However, we still do have a loooonnnnggg way to go if we are to raise enough to relocate, so if you could please all keep sharing the link, sending it to contacts, and bombarding all of those fabby animal loving celebs with requests to look at the page, we would be so grateful!  We are really starting to believe that together we can actually raise enough to change our fortunes and our future for the better, but we need you all to keep the momentum going and help us reach enough people/the right person who can help us secure our future!  Due to Go Fund Me rules, we are unable to post alternative payment details on their site, but if anyone wanted to donate by PayPal, the address is donate@glendrickroost.co.uk.  Thanks again everyone, it means the world xxx