About Glendrick Roost

Glendrick Roost Animal Welfare Centre is a small registered Scottish charity who have been exclusively self funded since 2003 and we have successfully carried out our work with a tiny team in incredibly difficult circumstances. We take in any abused, abandoned or neglected animals from gerbils to clydesdale horses and give them a home for life. A select few will then participate in educational and therapeutic activities with groups and individuals, particularly young people and those with special needs or experiencing disadvantage/exclusion in some way.  We also offer important volunteering opportunities for all.

“Our organisation came into being because many animals came to me when no longer wanted or when they were suffering abuse. It was decided to form a “proper ” rescue centre to be able to help more animals than I could cope with on my own and to educate people on welfare issues by giving them hands on experiences with the animals. We became an organisation in September 2003 and achieved charitable status in September 2005.” Centre manager, Mione.

The People

The team at The Roost are a varied bunch, with a multitude of skills and experience.  There are a few core members who have been involved since the start or longterm, and they are supported by an incredible team of volunteers.

Mione Morrison

I am founder and Centre Manager of Glendrick Roost . I have always loved animals and have had large collections from being a child . My mum encouraged me in this and allowed any animals as long as I was prepared to look after them . No going to bed without them being fed !

I have an honours degree in environmental sciences with biology and have been able to put a large amount of my new-found knowledge to good use in the care of the animals at the centre .  I am keen to be able to put environmental policies into practise at our site and help preserve and enhance the environment around the centre . One of my hobbies is birdwatching and I will provide new habitats to encourage wildlife to use the facilities available .

I am also very interested in teaching youngsters to care for all animals and strongly believe that by doing this they will not only care for animals but will become more caring adults.  I have run a Brownie Pack for many years, as well as a Wildlife Explorers group (YOC!). We also believe that by giving disabled people a chance to handle and be near animals their lives will be enriched and often in the case of a mental health issue a communication channel can be opened

Gavin Marshall

I have been involved with Glendrick Roost for over 10 years. Since becoming involved with the Roost I have learned a lot, gained in self confidence and gained a lot of hands on experience with animals, people and the environment. I went to Oatridge College and did a course in Agriculture in which I gained experience and confidence in working with animals some of which I was able to bring back and put into practice at the Roost.

Our Animals

Updates from the Roost

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