Gorgeous 3-legged greyhound girl Yodi lost her leg as a puppy after being thrown out 3 times onto the streets of Edinburgh.  We believe she was hit by a car and was rescued with her front leg hanging off.  She came to us around 15 years ago and she has been with us ever since, coping just fine without her leg and racing about through the years without a care in the world!  She is an older lady now though and is slowing down…the lack of leg never bothered her in her younger years but she is finding it a bit more difficult these days.  After suffering a trapped nerve after a tumble last year, we thought we may have to say goodbye to her, but after some wonderful Reiki from the lovely Aileen Naismith she made a miraculous recovery and we are so glad to have her still with us!  She now quite literally rules The Roost and spends her days pottering around the centre to suit herself.  She is such a special girl, and we adore her.

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New Outdoor Aviary

Posted - 23 Mar 2017

We have wanted an outdoor aviary for the longest time to house our rescued Cockatiels and Budgies rather than keep...

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New Homes For Hens

Posted - 04 Mar 2017

1. Eight of the sixteen beautiful chucks we rescued today . These lovely girls are only 12 months old but...

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Frodo’s 10th birthday Munro climb!

Posted - 05 May 2016

Our beautiful born blind labrador, Frodo Baggins, turned 10 on 5th of May!  To celebrate, he will be climbing his...

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GoFundMe appeal getting incredible response!

Posted - 05 Feb 2016

Some of you may already have seen our appeal on Go Fund Me to come together and buy/rent a new...

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