Lovely rottie cross Murphy was found as a tiny puppy wandering the streets.  He had been beaten and was so terrified that he had completely shut down, just lying curled up in a corner.  He was due to be put down as he was deemed “un-rehomeable” due to his complete disengagement with life.  Development manager Cathy took him in at around 8 months old, and with lots of love and patience he has completely transformed into the lolloping gamboling crazy long legged “pup” he never had the chance to be.  He is adored by his new family and loves nothing more than a chase/wrestle with his “sister” Ty, and a big cuddle from his boys, Cathy’s 2 kids!  He’s still nervous of people he doesn’t know, and still has a few issues, but he has come so far in such a short time that we have no doubt we will get there.

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New Outdoor Aviary

Posted - 23 Mar 2017

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New Homes For Hens

Posted - 04 Mar 2017

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Frodo’s 10th birthday Munro climb!

Posted - 05 May 2016

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GoFundMe appeal getting incredible response!

Posted - 05 Feb 2016

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