Meredin is a lovely Highland mare who came to us at a year old as we needed a companion for Clydesdale foal, Sonny.  She is a typical Highland…she can live on fresh air and it is a constant battle to stop her from ballooning!  She is a sweet girl, and her and Sonny are still inseparable, though the arrival of Gypsy last year did put a bit of a strain on their relationship!  She is a very gentle soul, and loves cuddles from visitors to our centre.

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Updates from the Roost

New Outdoor Aviary

Posted - 23 Mar 2017

We have wanted an outdoor aviary for the longest time to house our rescued Cockatiels and Budgies rather than keep...

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New Homes For Hens

Posted - 04 Mar 2017

1. Eight of the sixteen beautiful chucks we rescued today . These lovely girls are only 12 months old but...

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Frodo’s 10th birthday Munro climb!

Posted - 05 May 2016

Our beautiful born blind labrador, Frodo Baggins, turned 10 on 5th of May!  To celebrate, he will be climbing his...

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GoFundMe appeal getting incredible response!

Posted - 05 Feb 2016

Some of you may already have seen our appeal on Go Fund Me to come together and buy/rent a new...

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