Hunky chunky cob Gypsy is an ex-RDA pony, and he was due to be put down if a retirement home was not found for him.  He came to us in 2013, and instantly became boss of our big ‘uns…Sonny and Meredin were very quick to realise who was in charge, and they now live (relatively!) peacefully together!  Although bossy and cranky with the other horses, Gypsy adores people and will follow you round the field for snuggles.  He occasionally participates in our Pony Pals sessions, allowing older kids to pamper him and have a little ride.  He is especially adored by our incredible young volunteer Sophia, who simply can’t get enough of him!

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Updates from the Roost

New Outdoor Aviary

Posted - 23 Mar 2017

We have wanted an outdoor aviary for the longest time to house our rescued Cockatiels and Budgies rather than keep...

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New Homes For Hens

Posted - 04 Mar 2017

1. Eight of the sixteen beautiful chucks we rescued today . These lovely girls are only 12 months old but...

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Frodo’s 10th birthday Munro climb!

Posted - 05 May 2016

Our beautiful born blind labrador, Frodo Baggins, turned 10 on 5th of May!  To celebrate, he will be climbing his...

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GoFundMe appeal getting incredible response!

Posted - 05 Feb 2016

Some of you may already have seen our appeal on Go Fund Me to come together and buy/rent a new...

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